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Get into the dungeon and face your fears - creepy spideys are everywhere. But, no worries, your rifle is at hand. What are you waiting for you Spider Hunter you?

Made for #LOWREZJAM in 2019

Made by @coffeemuggames


WASD - Movement

Mouse - Look Around

Left Mouse Click - Shoot

Escape - Exit to Main Menu / Exit to Desktop

Any Other Key - Continue in Menu / Continue in Game

Run the Game:

If you have java installed: double click the SpiderHunter.jar / run "java -jar SpiderHunter.jar" in console inside the game folder.


Concept and Programming - coffeemuggames

Spider and Gun Model by Quaternius

Sounds by Michael Bradari (CCBY 3.0), p0ss (GPL 3.0)


SpiderHunter.zip 21 MB

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